aka Shaun

  • I live in a house
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is animator
  • I am a dude
  • ShaunoftheRed


    SONIC (Shaun)


    SHADOW (Pixel)


    Hey Shadow! Man am I glad, yo,

    To be fighting against you in this rap battle,

    Please, too easy! I'm the fastest thing alive,

    You're my emo wannabe who needs to see that all his trys,

    Are worthless just like his appearence in my games,

    You can mope all you want but the facts remain the same,

    Without me you'd never exist, I protest that your death,

    happens soon because you even got your own game you fame-theft.

    Ah, here comes the blue blur of stupidity

    You can't get away from me with just an Escape from the City,

    Your raps are the opposite of pretty, what a pity.

    Because the words you spit are just plain sickening.

    You run into spikes and robots like an idiot,

    Your career has gotten so bad, yo…

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