Shadow the Hedgehog00:21

Shadow the Hedgehog


Look at these guys, just white trash.

$4 billion made your franchise crash.

George Lucas made a bad idea and now you're with Disney,

Made a new show, now you're hanging out with Mickey.

Own you, chaos control you, trolls, get lost.

An army of one man, but the wrong ones for the job.

I'll burn you more than Anakin, you're faker than a hologram,

Better get out now, 'cause this is my land.

Clone Troopers:

Clone 2: Well well well, its a knock-off Sonic

Clone 5: Hell, you're even the definition of "chronic"

Clone 1: Made a mess with Gerald, your supposed father,

Cody: You're nothing but an animal, why should we even bother?

Clone 3: We've fought some jedi, Jabba, and even damn Jawas,

Clone 4: We'll kick your sorry ass, blast ya, and saw ya,

Clone 3: Even Amy Rose is stronger than you are,

Cody: We still prevail in the middle of a Star War!

Shadow the Hedgehog:

Shadow 200:22

Shadow 2

I may be based off of Sonic, but there's millions of you.

You're all way more annoying than R2D2,

You guys are monochromatic and way too bland,

Your whole army got ruined by a kid with one hand!

Red hot rhymes, just like the streak in my hair,

I'd destroy your whole population, but your boss wouldn't care!

I'll create a Storm, then watch me Walk on the Sky.

Make you fall harder than your own series died.

Clone Troopers:

Cody: Oh please, like that could be a threat?

Clone 5: You need some Sonic fucking, that's what I bet,

Clone 1: Seven movies out, and three more are coming,

Clone 3: You'll destroy us? Yeah right!

Clone 4: I think you're bluffing!

Clone 1: We were led by Darth Vader, the one Sith Lord,

Clone 2: Good thing no one plays your games, they'd get too bored,

Cody: Take a look through history and see the Clones on the movie screen,

Clone 3: So sit the hell down and watch us win, you little dorky teen!

Who won?

The poll was created at 17:17 on May 26, 2013, and so far 8 people voted.

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