Ok, heres a blog making you aware of the wiki rules, tourneys, etc!

  1. There are currently 3 active tourneys: Hero Tourney Pixelated Rap Tourney Rap Battle Tourney Sign Ups.
  2. There are 2 more tourneys aloud to be currently running (there are aloud to be 5 tourneys at once) make one.
  3. The behaviour policy is if you misbehave on the wiki you will be banned - each time you are banned, the expiry date will double, starting with 1 day.
  4. If there are any problems I or other admins are unaware of, please inform me or another admin and whatever it is we shall resolve - unless it is a subjective problem.
  5. We have 4 admins on this wiki: PredatorFan AnimaShaun RespectthePixel35 J1coupe.

Thats it. The rules. The shit. You get it all. Okay, ermmmmmm... goodbye moonpies!

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