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    May 5, 2013 by PredatorFan

    Ok, heres a blog making you aware of the wiki rules, tourneys, etc!

    1. There are currently 3 active tourneys: Hero Tourney Pixelated Rap Tourney Rap Battle Tourney Sign Ups.
    2. There are 2 more tourneys aloud to be currently running (there are aloud to be 5 tourneys at once) make one.
    3. The behaviour policy is if you misbehave on the wiki you will be banned - each time you are banned, the expiry date will double, starting with 1 day.
    4. If there are any problems I or other admins are unaware of, please inform me or another admin and whatever it is we shall resolve - unless it is a subjective problem.
    5. We have 4 admins on this wiki: PredatorFan AnimaShaun RespectthePixel35 J1coupe.

    Thats it. The rules. The shit. You get it all. Okay, ermmmmmm... goodbye moon…

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  • PredatorFan


    DOCTOR WHO!!!!


    DOC BROWN!!!!


    Alright there, peado bear? Comb your hair,

    Take a chair, start to care and shape up what you wear.

    I'm a time shifting, tension lifting, scientific hero,

    I've traveled many years from 3000 down to zero.

    I'm a charmer with the ladies my knowledge turns them on,

    One little push of a button and the tardis is gone.

    In the past, I'll whoop your ass, faster than a lightning bolt,

    If you think your gonna win this, then there's a biological fault!

    Great Scott! You're great (not)!

    I spit it hot and generate way more power than 1.21 gigawatts!

    You step up to me again? You must not know my true power

    I'll hit you with my DeLorean at eighty-eight miles per hour

    You fly through time and screw people…

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