Beat (Finn starts on 0:41)



You're already wearing green with envy on how I'm going to win

You Keebler elf, how do you plan to fight against Finn?

Hero of Time? Well, I'm the hero of rhyme!

You rip-off King Arthur, Peter Pan, your whole style's a crime!

I'm a real adventurer, you just break pots to find Rupee coins

You attack with your Deku nuts and sound like you got hit in the groins

Like a dragon, I'll slay you, and you'll be beat in a second

Tell me when you get a game that calls you, not Zelda, the legend!


“Shmowzow!” Are you serious?

This battle will make feeling a bit delirious

You went Boom-boom on a leaf and sat in it

"You rip-off King Arthur, Peter Pan, your whole style's a crime!” who gives a shit?

Do you know they call me the “Bush Wacker” son?!

E-v-e-r-y battle I’ve won, so I’m number one!

You reached your Mortal Folly

Listen Pen you’re making everyone melancholy

Way too much auto-tune man, sing normally, but oh shit you’ll sound like Susan Boil

Attack me and you’ll feel Mortal Recoil!


You're the weakest link, Link. I can't believe that you think

You could win after you hang around pigs and your rhymes literally stink

Your princess gets robbed by the same Ganon-dork, the only hero is a girly elf

Takes you forever to save her, at least my girlfriend can defend herself

I'll send you skyward with my sword. Your toon version fights better

You may have the Triforce of Courage, but against me, you'll be a bed-wetter

In this duel, I'm the one to rule Hyrule

You drool, I'm cool, and you just got schooled, ya fool!


Flame “Princess” just can be doused with water

You protected the BG Princess but ended up fighting her

You claim I’m an elf when you have fuckin’ pointy ears

You challenged me when I’m the master swordsman for 27 years

2 + 2? That equals 4, numb nuts

I’m surprised Jeremy Shada even made the cut

I got a huge Master Sword when you have a tiny little sword that’s inferior

Screw Adventure Time, I’ll watch Bravest Warriors!

Who won?

The poll was created at 23:53 on May 15, 2013, and so far 39 people voted.

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