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  • Mrpietcaptain

    Basically, this is just randomness of what we did with Devil after he "died".  There's multiple results.

    (Piet has Devil's body in his basement.  5 days later, Piet is just doing random crap when he notices Devil's body)

    Piet: You know, I oughta do something with this...

    (Piet drives to an unknown swamp and throws Devil in the lake. Devil's body sinks to the bottom)

    Piet: Wish I could've done something better, but I don't care.

    (Tesla burns Devil's body and put the ashes in containers, leaving it on people's doorstep labeled as a 'Protein Shake Mix'.  Too bad nobody used it...)

    (Hawk walks up to the stage)

    Hawk: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I GIVE YOU...THE GREATEST FIREWORKS SHOW TO HAVE EVER EXISTED! All with the help of the body of Devilishmind of fu…

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