Power Rangers:

Red Ranger:

Rangers ready to rap against this rejected ranger crap cause there's nowhere to hide

Black Ranger:

You had No freedom first The Jedis then the sith then this Oh my god  Just pick a side

Blue Ranger:

I checked your Technology and your just a copy of millions and still white just like Bizarro.

Yellow Ranger:

We got Zordon and Alpha 5 and yet you still act human what did you do steal from Lucario.

Pink Ranger:

Actually morelike Mewtwo Trini, But we can still beat him with a karate moves of our might.

Green Ranger:

Then so be it, Jango Fett prepare to lose this battle! For we inspire 90's kids RANGERS UNITE!

Clone Troopers:

Cody: Head out to seize our victory, men!

Clone 1: Try fighting on the Battfront, unlike us, you'll see the end,

Clone 2: Mega-Morphing whatevers, aw fuck it, who cares?

Cody: Shooting out some raps, start saying your prayers,

Clone 3: So many re-makes, sounds like some failed-ass actors,

Clone 4: Just stop trying; count all of our factors,

Cody: You teenage manga weirdos swinging your sinful katanas,

Clone 3: You suck even worse than that shit-load Nirvana!

Clone 1: We'll shoot you in the chest and claim the war ours,

Clone 4:  We're the true soldiers here, go back to your gay bars!

(Zordon contacts The Green Ranger)

Zordon: Tommy your green suite isn't strong enough it's time for the white suit

Tommy: Alright Zordon It's morphin time

(Classic Power Ranger Transformation)

Tommy: Tiger Zord

(Changes to white ranger)


White Ranger:

All right you guys are not a giant army you are just some geeks

Red Ranger:

Even Bulk and Skull have a better brain then these white freaks

Black Ranger:

Compare to you guys we wonder If you guys are the real rascism

Blue Ranger:

Following around a black man in a cape with a space communism

Yellow Ranger:

So Cody for once you decide to lead a warwithout your brother Zack.

Pink Ranger:

We don't need Megazord even The Puttys can destroy them in an attack.


Cody: Talk about racism, White Ranger, no shit,

Clone 2: How many are there? I couldn't count!

Clone 1: All I see is dumbfucks showing their dicks,

Clone 3: All the colors of the rainbow, gay signal, perhaps?

Clone 4: Sit down and watch as we make your franchise collapse,

Clone 1: Can we see an episode with an actual plot?

Clone 3: Besides, its not just the droids that we fought,

Clone 2: Go cry to your sensei while we rally our troops,

Cody: So fuck off now, before we destroy your fan groups!

Who won?

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