Devilishmind II

aka Devil

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  • Devilishmind II

    Devil is walking around until Shaun, Piet, Meat and other guys from The ERB Wiki corner him.

    Shaun: Its over Devil

    Devil: What's going on?

    Piet: We're gonna make you admin.

    Devil: Cool.

    Piet: BAZINGA! You're gonna die.

    Devil: Well that sucks

    Hawk: Sockpuppeting Overgrown Clownish Fucktard, prepare to be destroyed.

    Devil: So how is this gonna happen.

    Hawk brings out a gun


    Hawk gives the gun to Shaun.

    Shaun: I've waited a long time for this Mr Devil.

    Devil: Wait I havent said goodbye to Dragon yet.

    Piet: Oh well.

    Shaun prepares to shoot Devil.

    Shaun: Any last words?

    Devil: Wibble

    Scrawland: DA FUQ?!

    Devil: Wibble Wibble.

    Hawk: Has he gone mad?!

    Devil: I sure have BEEP!

    Shaun: Uhh lets just kill him.

    Scraw: Yeah.


    Devil: I may be dead now, but know t…

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  • Devilishmind II

    J1coupe as Dragonborn

    Devilishmind as The Joker (Jack Nicholson)




    THE JOKER!!!!!!!!!



    Danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?

    cause your ass gonna shine very bright!

    I made The Batman, who the hell are you?!

    I survived a vat of chemicals, you should be called Dragonfool

    I'm better than heath ledger, I pwn Hamill

    Are you a dragon or a camel!

    Now come and suck the gun in my pants!

    Dragonborn: I used to be an asshole like you, then I got an arrow on my knee,

    your pitiful toys can't possibly be compared to me, you see.

    you are about to face the most dawnguarding badass you've ever seen,

    Dragonborn, killing thousands without even causing a scene,

    This crazed, pathetic clown's life is about to end mis…

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