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Hosted by: Devilishmind

Theme: Anything

Rules: No Justin Bieber, One Direction, Rebecca Black, Selena Gomez cause they're gay hehe

You can be whoever you want.

PS. I call Kazuya Mishima


Devilishmind of Fun. (Kazuya Mishima)

Predator Fan (Henry VIII)

Pixel (Vladimir Lenin)

Firebrand (Gabe Newell)

Dragonsblood (Banjo the Bear)

Patts (The Doctor)

Lakuita (Vincent Van Gough)

Deathination (Sergei Dragunov)

We are now closed.

Match ups:

Kazuya Mishima vs Sergei Dragunov

Gabe Newell vs The Doctor

Vincent Van Gough vs Henry VIII

Banjo the Bear vs Vladimir Lenin

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