Here's my hero tourney. You can be either a fictional or non-fictional hero from anyone on the list down below.

Characters AvailableEdit


Florance Nightingale

Mother Teresa

Nelson Madela

Barack Obama

Super HeroesEdit


Spider man

Iron man

Wonder Woman

Captain America



1. Winston Churchill (RespectthePixel35) vs Superman

2. Martin Luther King (PredatorFan) vs Batman (Lerooyinator)

3. Barack Obama vs Captain America

4. Theodore Roosevelt (Lakuitabro01) vs Spider Man (Four4)

5. Nelson Madela vs Wolverine

6. Mahatma Gabdhi (Patts9009) vs Iron Man

7. Florence Nightingale vs Cat Woman (Sierrastalker)

8. Mother Teresa vs Wonder Woman

Sign Up!Edit

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